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Is A 2 Player Escape Room Online Possible?

2 Player Escape Room Online 

The 2 player escape room online is a new trend that has emerged in recent years. With this type of game, 2 players are put into an escape room and they must work together to find the answers to puzzles before time runs out.

Is it possible for 2 people to play an escape room online? Yes! One simple company that has made such activity possible is The Fun Empire. In this article, we will explore the different escape room games available for 2 people to play for free or with escape room prices ranging from $20/pax and onwards.

But before you delve into further, let’s check out some of these wonderful team building activities.

1) Virtual Escape Room

2 Player Escape Room Online - virtual escape room
The Fun Empire

The Fun Empire has developed a platform for people to solve their own puzzle challenges in the comfort of their home. It can accommodate from small groups of 2 people to large groups of even hundreds. You may bond with friends, family or even colleagues and put your problem-solving skills to the test!

Price: Starting from $20/pax

2) Virtual Amazing Race

2 Player Escape Room Online - virtual amazing race
The Fun Empire

Compete against your friends and colleagues as you try to win the race around the world in this uniquely adventurous 2 player escape room! Race to see who can travel the furthest distance before time runs out.

The session is facilitated by a trained group to provide an exceptional experience. Our amazing race experience is perfect for remote teams participating from different countries. It can be played in twos or even in a large group. Try this out for yourself while working from home!

Price: Starting from $25/pax

3) Virtual Time Travel

2 Player Escape Room Online - virtual time travel
The Fun Empire

Presenting the world’s only Virtual Time Travel experience! If you’ve ever wanted to know what it would be like to travel through time, or if you’ve ever wondered if time travel is possible, then this experience will intrigue and challenge you to solve a wide range of puzzles! You’ll have every reason to believe in your ability when traveling through different timezones.

This experience will test your teamwork and problem solving skills. While it requires just two people to start, players may come in any number.

Price: Starting from $20/pax

4) Virtual Time’s Ticking

2 Player Escape Room Online - virtual time's ticking
The Fun Empire

Police have just received a phone call from someone threatening to blow up the city. It’s down to you and your team of detectives to become the best in order to stop this from happening! Play together in fast-pace mission to eliminate the threat! In this thrilling 2 player escape room, you don’t have much time – that clock is ticking!

Price: Starting from $20/pax

5) Virtual Gold Heist

2 Player Escape Room Online - virtual gold heist
The Fun Empire

Pull off a Big Gold Heist with your teammate. This might be your next favourite escape room activity for 2! You and your partner have found blueprints for the bank, with notes on it that will help you solve the different challenges in this escape room activity. Your team will need to crack vaults, fill up loot bags, and escape before the police catch you! The vaults become harder to open throughout the game, so be quick and stay on your toes with this 2 player escape room online.

Price: Starting from $20/pax

6) Virtual Jack’s Hangover

2 Player Escape Room Online  - virtual jack's hangover
The Fun Empire

In this online 2 player escape room game, you are to help out your friend Jack who had too much to drink the night before. He doesn’t remember a thing from the night before! What on earth happened last night? Work together with your partner to help Jack out. Check his hotel room for clues, head over to the casino and keep asking around until he remembers.

Price: Starting from $20/pax

7) Virtual Travel Experience

2 Player Escape Room Online - virtual travel experience
The Fun Empire

A lot has been written about Virtual Travel Experiences and virtual races. What no one had done was combine the concepts into a single experience. The Fun Empire did just that and created an intense VR experience which features three fun activities – Virtual Amazing Race, Treasure Hunt, Escape Room!

Participants work together in online teams to solve catchy puzzles while learning more about the country in an innovative, immersive virtual environment. Complete all challenges for each round and complete your storyline! This is the perfect activity when you can’t decide on a favourite 2-player escape room game.

Price: Starting from $20/pax

8) Enchambered – Alone Together

2 Player Escape Room Online - alone together
Image Credit:

This is by far the most advanced free escape room I’ve seen online. Enchambered created this awesome virtual experience complete with moving parts, sounds, and interactive elements like puzzles. It’s a two-player escape room that’s perfect for this time of social distancing.

9) The Escape Game – Monthly Mystery

2 Player Escape Room Online - monthly mystery
Image Credit:

This website offers virtual escape room experiences (for a price), as well as a series of 4 free virtual escape rooms. The games involve cracking codes and cryptex, so you need to think before you act.

10) “Defeat Thanos And Save The World” Escape Room

2 Player Escape Room Online - "Defeat Thanos And Save The World" Escape Room
Image Credit:

The “Defeat Thanos and Save the World” escape room has been designed to maximize your time. You and your bestie are given a task of stopping Thanos, the strongest villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe from destroying your city. The game offers an opportunity to experience what it would be like to fight alongside some of favourite Avengers, with the assistance of your partner in this 2 player escape room online.

2 Player Escape Room Online 

2 Player Escape Room Online is possible! They are becoming more popular, and if you’re looking for a new experience to share with your friends or significant other without having them in the same room as you, there’s no better option. The Fun Empire offers 2-player virtual escape games that allow players from different locations to work together remotely on their screens.

There are also various platforms available for you to play such games. An example would be the Great Escape Room and if you would like to find out more about the great escape room prices, check out here!

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