5 escape rooms to try for team bonding! [2022]

Escape Room

Are you looking for an escape room to try with your team? Here are 5 escape rooms that will challenge and entertain you! These rooms from Virtual Escape Room Australia are perfect for team bonding and will leave you wanting more. Join and play these escape room games from the comfort of your home!

The Time Trap

The Time Trap - Escape Room
The Time Trap – Escape Room

You’ve been invited to your eccentric uncle Dr. Huben’s enormous mansion for the incredible scientific discovery of the century – time travel. Before you knew it, you were whisked away on a one-way journey with your friends to establish your qualifications to inherit the time machine. As you unearth mysteries and collect items scattered across different eras… Hurry, you only have 75 minutes to escape or get stuck in time forever!

Time’s Ticking

Time's Ticking - Escape Room
Time’s Ticking – Escape Room

Someone has phoned the cops and threatened to destroy the city! Gather your team of detectives and work together to avert this from happening. Locate the target, defuse the bomb, and eliminate the hazard using your intellect and skill. Solve interactive puzzles and engaging clues with your group in order to complete all mission goals successfully. This is a race against time, so hurry!

Super Planet

Super Planet - Escape Room
Super Planet – Escape Room

Nobody knows what Earth was like before it was destroyed. Humans have scattered across the universe, and this is all you’ve ever known. Until one night when she appeared in your dream and revealed your hidden superpowers to you. Locate other super-powered individuals and combine your abilities to figure out how to restore Earth!

Curse of The Werewolf

Curse of The Werewolf - Escape Room
Curse of The Werewolf – Escape Room

At nightfall, strange creatures have been lurking in the shadows of a tiny ancient village, murdering defenceless people. Many had died, and the town was never at rest. People were terrified of the dark, attacks, and what they did not know. It is your duty as a descendent of the Village Chief to assist your fellow humans by investigating this case, locating the mysterious creature’s lair, and breaking the curse!

Return of the Queen

Return of the Queen - Escape Room
Return of the Queen – Escape Room

For several nights, you’ve been having the same frail, old man dreams asking you to save them. Memories from your past are disrupting your slumber and waking you up in fright. Travel across the world to enlist the aid of experts and retrieve artefacts that will lift the curse that has plagued you for centuries. The clock is ticking; you only have until sunset to save the kingdom!

Virtual Escape Room Australia

With a variety of rooms to choose from, you’re sure to find one that challenges and entertains you. These rooms are perfect for team bonding and will leave you wanting more. Join and play these Virtual Escape Room Australia games from the comfort of your home! Click here to book your escape room today!

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