Escape Room Games Online For Your Next Gathering

Escape Room Games Online

Looking for activities for your next gathering? As the restrictions tighten, it seems like online activities are the most feasible at the moment. Hence, Escape Room Games Online might be the best option. Escape Rooms are a popular form of team building and entertainment activity for many businesses, and they can also provide an excellent experience for groups that simply want a good time. Keep reading for Escape Room Games Online for your next gathering.

1) Travel Experience: Icons of Singapore

Icons of Singapore - Escape Room Games Online

Feel stuck at home? This is the perfect opportunity for you to “walk” around Singapore as you go on a digital adventure to find the family heirloom. This is an exciting digital travel experience combining elements of Escape Room, Amazing Race, Treasure Hunt, 360 Virtual Tours and Trivia Quizzes. Learn about Singapore’s history as you virtually walk through Singapore and its museums in this escape game online.

2) Jack’s Hangover

Jack's Hangover - Escape Room Games Online

Play Jack’s Hangover by Fun Empire and help the protagonist recover his memory after a night of drinking. Jack had woken up with a terrible hangover and a splitting headache and can’t seem to recall the events that had happened. Collaborate with your group to find the mystery behind Jack’s eventful night, but don’t forget about getting him on the flight!

3) Curse of the Werewolf

Virtual Escape Room - Escape Room Games Online

The Fun Empire’s Curse of the Werewolf places you in a small village where the residents are always afraid. Because wolves would attack every night. There have been many people affected by the curse, from those who live in fear of darkness to those who fear being attacked. As a descendant of a village’s first leader, it is your duty to endure this terror by uncovering the wolf attacking tonight and preventing an attack from occurring.

4) Virtual Food Quest: Ninja Chef

Virtual Food Quest - Escape Room Games Online

In the Virtual Food Quest, you’ll be able to become the best Master Foodie through interactive online games that are a ton of fun, require teamwork, creativity and communication. Learn about different cuisines from all over the world! Find answers to the delicious food-related puzzles in this online escape room. Enjoy 10 stages of fun and laughter, going from Japanese to French cuisine!

5) Ben’s Big Heist

Ben's Big Heist - Escape Room Games Online

The Fun Empire offers Ben’s Big Heist, a robbery game where participants can act out their wildest imaginary heists. Start the activity by using a blueprint that has lightly scribbled notes on it for reference. After identifying with your team on how to break in and steal gold, strategize and plan to rob as many vaults as before the security system catches you. It’s all or nothing!

6) Amazing Race: Return of the Queen

Virtual Amazing Race - Escape Room Games Online

Travel the world and experience immersive puzzles like in a real Amazing Race. Play The Fun Empire’s Amazing Race: Rescue the Queen, which takes your team to new places and tests their mental capacity with challenging mysteries while racing to emerge as the winner. Book this Escape Room Games Online and answer the old man that haunts you in your dreams.

7) Time’s Ticking

The local police have just received a telephone call from someone who says they are planning to blow up the city. You and your team need to become real-life detectives, using everything you know about solving puzzles, to find out where the bomb is and make sure it doesn’t go off. Work together in this thrilling mission to eliminate the threat. This is the ultimate online escape room experience! Hurry – you don’t have much time!

8) Time Travel: The Experiment

Time Travel - Escape Room Games Online

With escape room games, opportunities are limitless! A team-building activity for your friends and family, play Escape Room Games Online as you jump from year to year! Experience The Experiment by The Fun Empire to use your intellect in an attempt to inherit the time travel machine from your eccentric uncle. The urgency of completing the experiment is at a premium, so book now!

9) Hybrid Amazing Race: Merlion Feast

Hybrid Amazing Race - Escape Room Games Online

The Fun Empire created the Hybrid Amazing Race, an interactive race that includes both physical and digital challenges. The experience begins with exploring old Singapore’s heritage and famous cuisine sites in Chinatown. This is one of the best team building games in Singapore that you can play with your friends or colleagues. This game is suitable for groups of 5 when the restrictions are more relaxed.

Escape Room Games Online

Escape Room Games Online are a fun and challenging way to spend time with your friends, family or colleagues. Escape room games offer an unlimited number of possibilities for team-building exercises! No matter which one is right for you or your group, we’re confident that there’s something here you’ll like!

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