The Best Escape Rooms In Singapore

escape rooms singapore
Escape Rooms Singapore

Escape Rooms Singapore

Looking for a fun team-building experience? We have the best escape rooms in Singapore. What’s great about our Escape Room is that they can be played virtually from the comfort of your very own home! No need to find an escape room near me for your escape room game! We have a plenty variety of different escape rooms, that cater to different preferences, and we are here to bring you through some of them today. In this article we will share The Best Escape Rooms In Singapore!

1. Curse Of The Werewolf

The Curse of the Werewolf is an escape room game based on a mythical idea. The people in a little town were frightened. Wolves would attack any strangers at nightfall, forcing locals to flee. Dozens had been slain by the curse; they were afraid of everything from the dark, assaults, and most importantly, ridicule – which is the wolf was out there? It is your duty as descendants of the village’s first leader to overcome this dread by finding the wolf that is attacking tonight and preventing it from taking place.

2. Time’s Ticking

The bomb defusal escape room is a fast-paced team-building exercise that requires players to work together and collaborate in order to avert the bomb from exploding. Our Time’s Ticking escape room “traps” the participants in a room with the bomb. Prepare to risk your life as you figure out how to defuse the bomb in time to capture the terrorist.

3. Big Ben’s Heist

In addition, we also offer the Big Ben’s Heist, where participants can act out their craziest robbery fantasies. Start the game by playing only with a lightly scribbled blueprint. You and your team must break into a bank and steal as much gold as possible. Plan out how you’ll loot as many safe vaults as possible before the cops come. Keep in mind that if you’re caught, you will be punished!

4. Jack’s Hangover

Can’t remember what you had for lunch? Do you have a sense of how it feels not remembering how you got in your present position? Give Jack’s Hangover a try and assist the protagonist in regaining his memories. Jack woke up last night with a severe headache and no recollection of what happened to him. To discover Jack’s location, work with your teammates as you investigate. But don’t forget to book his flight!

5. Return Of The Queen

Travel the globe and solve riddles in under a time limit, just like in a genuine Amazing Race. With your crew racing for the cash, you may have some amazing virtual escape room adventures with intricate problems and mysteries to solve. To lift the curse that has befallen the lives of millions, rescue The Queen and get answers about the old man who haunts you in your dreams.

Escape Rooms Singapore

An amazing way to spend quality time together with your family, friends and colleagues is with an Escape Room. These activities are ideal for any occasion, such as birthdays or business team building, and they provide your employees with a fun way to exercise their brains. Get in contact with us today so we can plan your next escape room adventure virtually!

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