Online Escape Room Vs Physical Escape Rooms

Online Escape Room

It is a well-known fact that the world has gone digital. Online businesses are booming, and people are spending more time online than ever before. Physical businesses see this as an opportunity to broaden their reach by establishing an online presence. An online escape room, for example, is one of the many online team building games companies have engaged to allow their employees to distress during these difficult times. For more related articles about virtual team bonding activities, see here:

Online VS Physical

Online Escape Room

Many have argued that physical escape rooms are better due to the presence of interactive puzzles. Unlike online escape rooms, physical ones allow participants to touch the walls and crouch under tables in a hunt for hidden clues. Physical escape rooms are technically more immersive since they will be in a room decorated to fit the theme. So, what are the benefits of online escape rooms?

For a digital escape room, you’ll get to play in the comfort of your own home. Among your group, there will be 1 team leader who will be leading the game but everyone will be playing on their devices as well. Similar to our physical escape room, teamwork will be required to “escape”. In lieu of the pandemic, this is actually perfect for a great time as there will not be limitations on the number of participants allowed.

1) Location

Location - Hyperspace, Online Escape Room

As mentioned, online escape rooms will be played from the participants’ homes through video conferencing platforms while physical escape room games will be played in a physical location. Online escape rooms are commonly used for virtual team building because they are convenient and require less logistical considerations such as transport from work to the escape room. For physical escape rooms, participants will also need to be scheduled as each room can only be used by one group at a time. On this note, online escape rooms will be way faster as all the groups will be able to play simultaneously.

 2) Cost

Physical escape rooms are most likely to cost a bit more than online escape rooms since they need maintenance of the furniture and rental of the space. Although the difference for each person might not be noticeable, for a company organising for hundreds of employees, this might be a huge consideration.

3) Number of Players

For both physical and online escape rooms, you can make a group of up to 4-6 players. However, for a physical escape room, only 5 groups will be able to play at once given that each group takes a different theme. For online escape rooms, there is hardly any limit to the number of groups allowed to play at a time as long as there are enough facilitators.

4) Remote Virtual Team Building

Online Escape Room

One thing that physical escape rooms cannot offer is remote virtual team building which is especially crucial for multinational corporations. As online escape rooms are played via video conferencing platforms, participants from across countries can play together as long as they have stable wifi. Such digital team building activities are extremely valuable and can help employees bond without limitations.

Online Escape Room

Online escape rooms are virtual team building activities that allow participants more freedom and flexibility than physical ones, which is great if you’re looking for an immersive experience with little limitations on the number of players. Online escape room facilitators also have the ability to cater specifically towards your needs making them ideal for companies that need entertaining content tailored to different themes. For more virtual team building ideas, check out the following activities:

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