Virtual Meeting Platforms

The Best Virtual Meeting Platforms For Virtual Escape Rooms

Virtual Meeting Platforms
Virtual Meeting Platforms

Virtual Meeting Platforms

It is no secret that virtual meetings have been on the rise in recent years. Not just for work related meetings, these virtual meeting platforms can be used for team building games as well! For example, we can leverage such platforms to conduct your Virtual Escape Room Singapore adventure for you and your team. Continue reading to learn more on where you can play your escape room virtually!

In this blog post, we will explore The Best Virtual Meeting Platforms For Virtual Escape Rooms!

1. Zoom

Zoom is a popular video conferencing software that is often praised for its simplicity. A URL may be used to invite anybody to a Zoom meeting, even if they don’t have a Zoom account. Team members who click on the link will join a virtual room with the rest of the team instantly.

The free edition of Zoom allows anyone without a login to conduct meetings with up to 100 people. Zoom is ideal for organizing virtual team meetings, games, and activities because of its entertaining features such as breakout rooms.

2. Google Meets

Google Meets is a Google G Suite software that offers a virtual meeting environment. You can video conference with other people, share screens, and draw on virtual whiteboards using Google Meets. For video conferences, Google Meets provides a comprehensive toolkit as well as numerous features. It can hold up to 250 people and has several handy features like live subtitles and anti-fraud precautions. If data security is critical for your business, Google Meets is ideal, as long as everyone in the company has a Google Account.

3. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is another virtual meeting software that lets you to share screens, discuss topics with virtual teams, and play virtual games. In contrast to Zoom’s breakout rooms feature which was mentioned above, Cisco provides users with a “Sit back” mode which only displays the video of one person at one time.

For free, you can have virtual meetings or games with up to 100 people on a Webex account. This feature differs from Zoom, which limits your meeting length to 40 minutes if three or more individuals are in the meeting. As a result, you won’t have to worry about time limitations when scheduling your next online meeting.

4. Skype

Skype was originally designed for voice calls, although it may also be used for virtual meetings. The program now provides group meetings of up to 50 people that can be joined using a generated link. There is no need to register or download anything. Virtual meetings hosted on Skype are also entirely free to use!

5. Jitsi Meet

Consider using Jitsi Meet for your next virtual meeting. This virtual conference program is safe and will not charge you anything, ask you to register, or limit the number of people you can invite to meetings. With so much flexibility, Jitsi Meet lets you and your colleagues create an infinite number of conferences in a variety of ways.

6. Lifesize

The Lifesize virtual conferencing solution is a fantastic option for businesses looking for high-definition 4K video, several integrations, and a secure experience. With a free account, you may hold as many online meetings with up to 25 people. You only follow the instructions provided by Lifesize to establish conferences with a shared link, making it easy to use. Lifesize is ideal for remote team building activities since it makes it appear as though your coworkers are in the room with you due to its focus on high-definition video.

7. Toasty

Toasty is a virtual meeting platform that lets any meeting host connect with their audience and form partnerships in online meetings and workshops. Within the program, there are icebreaker questions, conversation cards, and polls. An interactive meeting agenda made ahead of time by the host allows all participants to follow along with the schedule and activities; keeping them engaged. Toasty is powered by AWS Jitsi, which creates a secure, stable, and simple-to-use connections.

Virtual Meeting Platforms

When it comes to virtual meeting platforms for your Escape Room, there are many alternatives and features available to choose from. Virtual meeting software is a vital instrument for interacting and collaborating with distant workers and aids in facilitating Virtual Escape Rooms.

Now that you’re familiar with the greatest virtual meeting platforms for Escape Rooms, have a look at our list of entertaining virtual team building games like our virtual escape room Singapore! We’d be delighted to create the best escape room experience for you!

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