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Virtual Reality Singapore: Are Escape Rooms Included?

Virtual Reality Singapore

Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming more and more popular, as the demand for Virtual Reality Singapore increases. Virtual reality escape rooms are a physical space with a computer-generated 3D environment which allows someone to interact with an artificial world through a headset or monitor. Most people think that Virtual Reality is just about entertainment but it can also be used in education, training, and therapy.

Some people might actually wonder if virtual reality escape rooms exist in Singapore. Well, I’d say yes! However, there are not many virtual reality escape rooms that have been made yet. They will become a booming industry in the future and Virtual Reality Singapore has already begun to take charge.

Hence, in this article, we will explore some of the best Virtual Reality Escape Rooms in Singapore. But before we move on, let’s check out some of these amazing team building activities by The Fun Empire.

1) New World Carnival

virtual reality singapore - new world carnival
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The virtual reality escape rooms in New World Carnival are a popular distraction. There are four levels of difficulty available, with gameplay presumably being the same for each – you and your partner work together to solve puzzles and riddles before time expires. We recommend giving one of these VR games singapore a try!

2) Virtual Room Singapore

virtual reality singapore - Virtual Room Singapore
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Virtual Room is another virtual reality game Singapore that provides you with an immersive 3D cinematic experience. They have two popular options, Time Travel Chapter I and Time Travel Chapter II, both providing a mission in historical periods of time to save the world. Each player gets to move around their own VR room singapore equipped with the latest gear and find items and manipulate objects.

3) V-Room

virtual reality singapore: V-Room
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Get lost in the virtual world of V-Room with over 30 solo and multiplayer games. If you have rhythm, challenge yourself to a game of Beat Saber where you slash obstacles according to the beat. More of a team player? Partner up and put your puzzle skills to the test with Sam & Dan: Floaty Flatmates. Alternatively, get those heart racing and make some new friends with the multiplayer zombie shooter game Arizona Sunshine. V-Room is one of the best VR Singapore Orchard experience that you should try out!

4) Sandbox VR

virtual reality singapore - Sandbox VR
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With the help of the biggest arcade in Singapore – Sandbox, escape rooms can be experienced in a new way. The international VR arcade offers an unparalleled experience à la the Holodeck from Star Trek. Using cutting-edge technology, it cleverly blends movie-quality, real-time motion capture rigs, seamless actions and captivating storylines to make you feel like you’re in the sci-fi film. With its full-body motion capture technology, you’re able to run and jump freely when you’re transported to a virtual space.

5) VR Wan Plus

virtual reality singapore - VR Wan Plus
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Located on the second level of Changi City Point, VR Wan Plus offers an immersive experience that ranges from terrifying to exhilarating. Try your hand at making your way through Nightmare City, diving into player vs player fighting in Infinite War VR or entering the world of LEGO with Guardian Heroes 2! VR Wan Plus is definitely one of the best virtual reality escape rooms to visit!

6) HeadRock VR

virtual reality singapore - HeadRock VR
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Escape to a larger-than-life adventure at Sentosa’s first virtual reality theme park. Tapping into the latest cutting-edge technology, HeadRock VR features 11 rides where you raft across strong currents, fire at evil bots and brave a stormy blizzard. You’ll be fully immersed as you prepare for water slides, ice cold winds and roaring rapids – guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping! HeadRock VR is one of the best VR Singapore you should consider for your next outing.

7) Hologate Singapore

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Another best VR experience Singapore that we recommend would be Hologate. Their award-winning virtual reality technologies and experiences are certain to take you, your friends, and family to places previously only seen in your fantasies and the most spectacular science fiction films! When you put on your headsets, you will not only become the controller, but also an active player in the game! Hologate tests your ability to determine which reality is the true reality.

8) Zero Latency Singapore

virtual reality singapore - Zero Latency Singapore
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This is not your typical VR arcade Singapore, so don’t expect the standard Daytona gaming machines. Instead, Melbourne’s Zero Latency adds a whole new level to Singapore Suntec by using virtual reality. The games’ tense plots and scenarios are sure to get your heart racing in no time. With only a controller and a 2K resolution headset for the ultimate VR experience, face off against zombie baddies and malevolent robots while solving physics-based puzzles in a dystopian environment.

Virtual Reality Singapore

Virtual Reality Singapore is the next big thing and it’s here to stay. It provides an opportunity for people of all ages to experience something new, exciting, and captivating that you may not get in your everyday lives. Virtual reality has been drawing crowds around the world with its immersive experiences while also providing a more social outlet than ever before; whether you’re simply watching someone else play or taking part yourself by becoming fully immersed in whatever virtual world you choose.

Virtual reality escape rooms have taken this idea one step further – giving players an even deeper level of immersion as you try to solve puzzles within a set time limit. We hope that these VR tips help make your visit to your desired place. If you’re looking for virtual escape rooms, do check out our website here.

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