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Bringing People Together, While Apart.

Virtual Escape Room Experience

Virtual Escape Room Singapore

#1 Online Escape Room Experience

The Fun Empire presents Singapore’s first, one and only Virtual Escape Room Experience! We bring our highly popular Escape Room Experience online, where you can have fun and bond with your friends, family and colleagues in the comfort and safety of your own homes. Energise your team members who are working from home with this unique and fun experience. Participants will have to work together in online teams to uncover secrets and solve mysteries. Highly exciting and challenging – Perfect for virtual team building, virtual date ideas and virtual hangout with friends!

Plan The Perfect Virtual Team Building Event

Benefits & Learning Outcomes


Learn the importance of team work as participants race against the clock to uncover clues and solve mysteries! Players have to work as a team and strategise on how to successfully escape the storyline scenario within 1.5 hours. Team members will have to prioritise job scopes for each individual based on different strengths and weaknesses.


Team mates would have to communicate effectively with one another to execute their game strategy. Different players will have different pieces of a puzzle, and participants will have to navigate as a team to unexpected challenges and situations during gameplay.


Take the opportunity to learn more about your team mates' strengths and weaknesses while helping one another overcome challenges in our interactive experience. This forges deep bonds amongst participants as they work together to achieve a common objective.

#1 Voted Escape Room Singapore Experience

Why are we the best

Award Winning & Certified

We have won multiple awards such as Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, Brands for Good Champion and Spirit of Enterprise.. The ONLY Events Company in Asia that attained ISO 9001 & BizSafe Level 3 Certification.

Experienced & Reliable

Organised over 10,000 events for over 700,000 happy clients. Diverse clientele ranging from Fortune 500 companies, Government Agencies, Military, Schools and Consumers.

Certified Facilitators

Professionally trained facilitators with our proprietary ASEA™ Quality Training Management System. (ISO 9001 Certified) to ensure the best Escape Room experience for you.

Over 1000 Raving Reviews

Over 1000 Five-Star reviews on Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp and other review platforms. High recommendation rate by over 700,000 satisfied clients.


#1 Escape Room Singapore Provider

✓ Largest Escape Room Provider

We can hold Escape Room and Amazing Race experiences for up to 50 pax simultaneously. In addition, we provide the ONE AND ONLY Virtual Escape Room Experience in Singapore that can cater to as many people as you want!


Internal professional team of events consultant that will help you organise everything from game fixtures to catering etc. We will also give you LIVE virtual facilitation to guide your team for the Virtual Escape Room Experience!

✓ Multiple, convenient venues (Even online!)

Multiple convenient venues (near MRT stations) across Singapore. We are THE ONLY Escape Room Singapore Provider that can host your experience ONLINE! Bond with your friends, family and colleagues at the comfort of your own home.

✓ Private session at your timing

Exclusive, private venue for your Escape Room session. Choose your own time slots and date at no additional charge! For Virtual Escape Room Experience, we will also host your session at your preferred schedule!

We Are The Best In The Business For Escape Room Team Building

Raving Reviews from our clients

Are you ready for the best Escape Room experience?

Affordable Escape Room packages from $20 / pax

Our Exciting Storylines And One-of-a-kind experience

Escape Room Storylines

Curse of The Werewolf

In a small ancient village, mysterious creatures had been lurking in the dark, attacking innocent villagers at nightfall. Many had fallen and the town was never at peace. People were living in fear - Fear of the dark, Fear of the attacks, Fear of the unknown. As descendants of the Village Chief, it is your duty to help your fellowmen. Save the people by lifting the curse. They will be eternally grateful.

Duration: 1-1.5 Hours + 30 mins set up & de-brief

No of Pax: Minimum 4 Pax for Real-life Escape Room Experience

No of Pax: Minimum 2 Pax for Virtual Escape Room Experience

Instructors: Professional Facilitation Available

Recommended Locations: Online (via Zoom), Hyperspace @ Lavender, The Fun Empire HQ @ Mountbatten or at Clients' Preferred Location

Add-Ons: Catering, Corporate Gifts, Sound System, Bus Transport & More

Amazing Race: Murder Mystery

A murderer on the loose. An innocent victim. A case unsolved. As an elite team of Crime Investigation Detectives (CID), you are tasked to shed light on a mysterious murder case that happened at the Kallang River. Time is of the essence and justice needs to be served. You will need to revisit some of the Crime Scenes to uncover hidden secrets. Will you and your team be able to hunt down the murderer before he/she strikes again?

Duration: Around 3 Hours

No of Pax: Minimum 8 Pax

Instructors: Professional Facilitation Available

Recommended Locations: The Fun Empire HQ @ Mountbatten

Add-Ons: Catering, Corporate Gifts, Sound System, Bus Transport & More

Starting From $15 / Pax

affordable packages

Escape Room Singapore

Amazing Race Singapore

Curse of the Werewolf

$ 20 / Pax
Starting From
  • Up to 50% Discount (U.P. from $30 / Pax)
  • 1-1.5 Hour Experience
  • Professional Facilitation and Briefing
  • Available At Locations and Online
  • Add-Ons Available

Amazing Race: Murder Mystery

$ 55 / Pax
Starting From
  • Up to 30% Discount (U.P. from $80 / Pax)
  • 3 Hours Experience
  • Professional Facilitation and Briefing
  • Available At The Fun Empire HQ
  • Welcome Pack for All Participants
  • Add-Ons Available

Other Virtual activities Packages

Virtual Amazing Race

Starting From $25 / Pax
  • Virtual Amazing Race - participants to be fully engaged in a totally immersive virtual environment, built on our proprietary online platform. Race around the world in teams, exploring 360° real life clues with an exciting storyline.

Virtual Ninja Chef

Starting From $20 / Pax
  • Virtual Food Quest experience is centered around different cuisines for participants to learn and explore various cuisines through a series of interactive and engaging mini games!

Virtual Nightfall

Starting From $20 / Pax
  • Singapore’s first ever Virtual Nightfall – a murder mystery role-playing game for participants to be fully engaged in a session of intrigue, mystery, murder and fun, all without leaving the house.

Virtual Party Mania

Starting From $20 / Pax
  • Featuring series of fun and hilarious popular party games, The Fun Empire’s Virtual Party Mania experience will give everyone a good laugh! Virtual Party Mania is a fully guided experience by experienced facilitators that is perfect for any types of occasions!

Virtual Leather Workshop

Starting From $40 / Pax
  • Get hands-on with our Virtual Leather Making Workshop! Design and craft your own coin pouch and other key chain from the comfort of your own home. Your individual Leather Crafting kit will be delivered straight to your doorstep before the start of your private virtual event.

Virtual Terrarium

Starting From $35 / Pax
  • Learn to make your own terrarium with your friends, family and colleagues from the comfort of your own home! Your individual Terrarium kit will be delivered straight to your doorstep before the event. Your Virtual Terrarium Workshop will be fully facilitated by our certified trainers in Terrarium making

and many more

Bringing you The Escape Room Experience, Wherever you are

Various modes of delivery

Our Physical Locations

Our locations are conveniently located near MRT. They are also near city fringe, making them highly accessible to everyone islandwide. In addition, our locations are equipped with cool UV black lights that gives you and your group the ultimate Escape Room experience.

Mobile (Your Location)

Have your own location in mind? We will make it happen! We are the only Mobile Escape Room provider in Singapore that can bring the experience to you! We are able to set up our Escape Room experience at your office, schools or condo function room etc.

Virtual (Online)

We are Singapore's first and only Virtual Escape Room provider, and you can experience it with your team from anywhere in the world! Our Virtual Escape Room is hosted on our proprietary Online Escape Room platform that simulates the same awesome experience that you can get offline!

Near MRT, Convenient Locations Across Singapore

Escape Room Locations

Virtual Team Building

Virtual Escape Room (NEW!)

The Fun Empire Escape Room

Hyperspace @ Lavender

tfe hq neon

The Fun Empire HQ @ Mountbatten

Other Preferred Venues

The Fun Empire

Escape Room Singapore is brought to you by The Fun Empire. We have a dedicated group of professional game designers that developed our escape puzzles and storylines with passion. Experience unexpected plot twists and mind boggling game play that would leave you pleasantly surprised at the end of your Escape Room session. Escape Room Singapore provides the best mystery solving experience for you and your team. Perfect for team building, family bonding and casual hang out with friends. Try out our Escape Room experience today!

Escape Room

All You Need To Know




Escape Room or Escape Puzzle is a scenario-based, mystery solving experience, that involves working in teams to gather clues, connect the dots and achieve the game objective – all within an hour. It is the ultimate test of one’s wit, attentiveness to details and communication skills. Players will have to work in teams to overcome challenges and puzzles, in order to unlock secrets and complete the storyline. You will definitely feel a sense of great accomplishment should you and your team be able to complete the Escape Puzzle within 1 hour and emerge victorious.

You are welcome to experience our Escape Room puzzles at any of our locations – The Fun Empire HQ @ Mountbatten and Hyperspace @ Lavender. Our locations are fully air-conditioned and equipped with UV black lights to give you the ultimate Escape Room experience. In addition, we are also able to bring the Escape Room experience to you! We are fully mobile and will be able to set up our Escape Room puzzles at your desired premise. Do contact us friendly events consultant and we will be able to give you the best recommendations. Lastly, we have launched our latest VIRTUAL Escape Room Experience – You will now be able to experience our activity ONLINE, in the comfort of your own home. You will still get the full experience, and will be still be working with your team to complete the clues. 

We have recently launched Singapore’s very first Virtual Escape Room, so that we can bring the experience to you, wherever you are! This is perfect for remote teams, as well as people who are working from home. The session would be conducted over video communication platforms (e.g. Zoom), with professional facilitation by our trained instructors. They will bring you and your team into our virtual Escape Rooms that is specially built for you to experience this activity online. For more information, do contact our friendly events consultant, and we will be able to help you with your queries.

Each Escape Room experience is around 1.5 – 2 hours. There will be around 30 minutes of set up and debriefing. The game experience will be 1-1.5 hours, as you race against the clock with your team to complete the Escape Puzzles within the time frame. For a half day programme, we also have our latest Amazing Race: Murder Mystery, that combines the best elements of Amazing Race and Escape Room. Amazing Race: Murder Mystery would be roughly around 3 hours, to give you and your team a fun-filled half day team building programme. For more info, please contact our friendly events consultant.

For Our Virtual Escape Room, all you need is 2 people to start! Our Virtual Escape Room can also accommodate up to unlimited amount of people. We will split you into teams for the experience depending on your group size and different teams can compete against each other to be the fastest to complete the mission. For our Standard Escape Room packages, this would be done at our physical locations or at your own preferred venue. For this, we would need at least 4 people to start a session.

Yes, it is suitable for everyone! We would recommend players to be at least the age of 10 and up to be able to solve the puzzles effectively. However should you have request for Escape Room puzzles suitable for kids, do reach out to us and we can customise a session for you!

Our Escape Room puzzles are recommended for ages 10 and up! However, should you have special request for Escape Room for Kids, do contact our friendly events consultant. We will be able to help customise a package for you!

For sure! Escape Room Singapore is a one-stop platform to help cater to all your event needs. Be it for team building event, carnivals, birthday parties or even bachelor parties, we will be able to help you with your requirements. From buffet and catering to bus transportation etc., we’ve got you covered!

You would need to book your session with us at least 5 working days in advance. This is so that our dedicated team would have sufficient time to prepare for your requirements. Should you have an urgent request, do feel free to contact us and we will be able to advice you on whether it is possible, depending on your events requirements.

Walk-ins are strictly not allowed. Escape Room Singapore will set up and prepare for your event after your booking confirmation. 



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