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An Introduction to Escape Room Singapore

Escape Room Singapore

Escape Room Singapore is brought to you by The Fun Empire. Our Escape Rooms are developed by our team of passionate game designers. Escape Room Singapore provides a unique way for you to test your critical thinking skills while team bonding with your colleagues, friends or family. Try out our Escape Rooms in Singapore today!

What is an Escape Room?

Many people have heard of Escape Rooms Singapore, but not everyone knows what they are. Escape the Room games are immersive, typically 60-minute, real-life adventure games. Escape games involve live-action puzzles where a group of participants work together to solve clues and ‘escape’ the room. There are physical and online Escape Rooms that can be played by two to six people.

1) Game Mechanics

Escape Room Themes

Escape Room Singapore

Every escape game online has an elaborately crafted theme that helps to set the mood for the room. For example, Escape Room Singapore’s Curse of the Werewolf brings you into a small village where people lived in fear. As the descendant of the Village Chief, you have an hour to figure out which wolf is attacking tonight and prevent its attack to “escape” your unfortunate fate. To find out more about Virtual Escape Room Themes to choose from, you may read this article: 17 Best Escape Room Themes In Singapore (2021) or click here to look at the themed escape rooms we provide.


Starting from just $20 per person, don’t worry about breaking your company’s budget because this is an extremely affordable rate for Escape Rooms out there. Escape Room Singapore provides add-ons should you think your company requires catering or bus transport to the game location.

Single vs Multi Rooms

The Escape Room experience can take place in one room, but it is not unheard of for there to be more than one. Depending on the game layout, however, you may or may not know the existence of the multiple rooms. As a tip for beginners, it might be easier to start with a single room Escape Room game or simply pick the escape hunt room with a lower difficulty. Multi-room Escape Rooms will require solving puzzles to find a hidden room that will lead you into a new space. Virtual Escape Rooms can also have multiple rooms so keep your thinking cap on and explore the space meticulously.

Game Master and Clues

Game Masters are an important aspect of the best Escape Rooms as they are there to tell you the pre-requisite of the Escape Room and to give you the objective of the game. In some cases, the message which the Game Masters deliver contain hidden clues so make sure to listen closely to what they say.

2) Common Puzzle Types

Escape Room Singapore

You shouldn’t need any special knowledge to solve them, but it helps a lot to think about the order you intend on solving them in so that you can keep track of time. It is also important to note that the matching of puzzles and locks are not given so you will need to try every lock with the new code you found.


Escape Room Singapore

These puzzles are very common in a virtual escape room since numbers are required to unlock padlocks or keypads.

Pattern Recognization

Simple puzzles that require identifying a pattern. Look for symbols that match and you will have the corresponding clue to your lock.

Qualitative Puzzles

As much as there are quantitative puzzles, there are also qualitative questions that can be asked. Read the paper and news articles found in the escape room experience for information. It might give you extra clues or provide you with a direct answer.

3) Common Props

Countdown Timer

Once you enter the room, there will usually be a timer shown that indicates how long your allotted time is. To prevent running out of time, a tip for players would be to set reminders for themselves to move onto other puzzles after x minutes.

Answer Key Sheet

Some games will give you an answer key which you’re required to fill. Should you need a working paper, you can either ask the Game Master or use your phone to take down notes.


Props can be often mistaken as tools so don’t go picking up every scissors or screwdriver thinking there is a string to cut or a box to unscrew. It is important to check with the Game Master on the presence of interactive clues before you go around on your escape hunt destroying the Escape Room set-up.

Paper Mediums

Escape Room Singapore

Games often have information in printed forms such as photos, letters, journals, and news articles. They are used to solve puzzle-based questions.

4) Tips

Goal Setting

It is important to understand which page your team members are on to progress smoothly through Escape Rooms in Singapore. Certain members are not motivated to play while some are too competitive. It would be wise to find a middle ground so that everyone can enjoy the game instead of stressing about the member who wouldn’t cooperate.

Time Management

Split up to check out the clues with higher efficiency. Then gather the different pieces of information and share your intel. Focus on puzzles you’re good at solving and ask for help when it comes to those you couldn’t solve. 


Escape Room Singapore

The most important thing is communication. You wouldn’t want to waste time on a puzzle that has been solved so make sure to alert your members once you’ve solved a puzzle.

Team Leader

Escape room games online/physical are teamwork-oriented, and teams can be led by either an assigned group leader or team captain. Team leaders should assign the puzzles remaining to their teammates instead of solving for them themselves.

Escape Room Singapore

The best Escape Rooms are a great way to break the ice with your coworkers or friends, and Escape Room Singapore is just one of many escape room companies that offer this service. If you have never been to Escape Rooms in Singapore before, we recommend trying it out as soon as possible. It’s the best activity for a corporate team building event! With Virtual Escape Rooms available, you don’t even have to worry about opening hours or limitations on the number of participants! Show your team members how much of an escape artist you are today! If you need some escape room idea, feel free to browse the articles available:

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